Dame digs GW George Washington cufflink metal detecting

Dame digs GW George Washington cufflink metal detecting

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We spend the day hiking mountains in the woods of New Hampshire in search of old abandoned colonial home sites that are now just the remains of cellar holes. Looking to save history with our metal detectors the goal is to map these locations when found and dig up relics for preservation. We hike some good sized mountains that give us some beautiful views while searching for these 1700s homesites.

At one of our discovered spots Just bob using his metal detector digs up a continental Navy button from the American revolution. After hours of exploring we find a site that is from the mid 1700s and we start right out with Digger Dame finding a George Washington cufflink from the late 1700s and that is a fantastic and rare find.

Join Digger charlie, Smokin Joe, Just Bob , Tim and Digger Dame for a great day of metal detecting, hiking, exploring, humor & saving history.

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