A Few Crazy Metal Detecting Tips that Work

A Few Crazy Metal Detecting Tips that Work

Are you in a slump and tired of getting skunked every time you go out metal detecting?  Are you ready to find something good for a change? Have you tried everything that you can think of in the past 2 years and you’re still not finding much? If so, here are A Few Crazy Metal Detecting Tips that Work.

Here’s an idea, instead of going back to places that you have already detected in hopes of finding something that you missed last time, you might try doing a completely random hunt at a completely random spot.

Don’t even think about it and don’t over think it! Just grab your backpack and detector and head out the door and just start driving to one of your favorite places to metal detect, and then before you get there, Turn left and keep driving for about 20 minutes…. then try and find a place to get permission to detect, or find a new park in a nearby town and try your luck detecting there.

Take a side road or two, get off the beaten path and go somewhere new, stop eating a losers lunch time after time… do something different! Challenge yourself to try new techniques or new places…break out of the same ole routine and give yourself the best chance possible to make a killer find this weekend!

Spontaneous hunts, where you don’t have a set plan, where you use your other metal detector, or when you don’t grid that day and just switch everything all up may just be the change that you need to break out of your slump!

This time, just go with the flow wherever the wind blows and ease your mind and the rest will follow! As cheesy as that sounds, your mind will be open, you’ll be excited about metal detecting at a new place, and you may find a new location that no one has detected before and end up having your best hunt, ever.

If nothing else try one or more of these ideas, for a set amount of time and say to yourself one day  “If I dont find anything good doing this crazy idea within 2 hours, I’m going back to my spot.”

More often than not though, you’ll end up making a great find at a new hunting spot. I can say from past experience that some of my best finds were from seemingly random places that I may have overlooked in the past as un-huntable or not worth the time, or somewhere I had previously thought didn’t have anything there to find.

Don’t be afraid to try something new, or use different settings on your metal detector.  If you don’t make a change, nothing will change!

Get out there and get back to having fun. Your find of a lifetime is somewhere no one else decided to look, don’t leave it there for the next guy to find!  Think outside of the box and do a randomly random hunt…then come back and share your amazing finds with us!

Good luck out there on your hunts this weekend, we wish you all the best!



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