Metal Detecting Colonial Cellar Minelab Equinox

Metal Detecting Colonial Cellar Minelab Equinox

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The hobby has spoken once again! Due to overwhelming response to my last video, both in the comments & diggers reaching out via email, phone, etc. This video features not 1, but 2 “special guests” & as usual some decent 1700’s foundation finds too! (yes, my videos are more than just a big selfie). It was easy to top my last video, as these annoying wannabee’s continue to make a mockery of the hobby & create easy fodder to work with.

I’m pretty good at parody’s, & don’t mind carrying the torch for real relic hunters. When I was starting out, credibility in the hobby had to be EARNED with what you found. So, as a kid I kept my mouth shut, studied treasure mags, researched, & worked crazy hard on building up a collection. Boy have times changed!

Nowadays you can cut corners, make a spectacle of yourself, buy subs, & even anoint yourself a “relic hunter” before you even own a metal detector! Finds? Collection? Who cares, I dug nothing but put out 3 crap videos this week & got 10,000 hits! I always thought we dug to save buried history not views bragging rights?

Starting a youtube channel doesn’t suddenly make you a relic know-it-all.

But, I think detectorists who have more than a year under their belt are starting to tire of the “look at me” circus acts of rookies acting experienced & hunting with the coil on backwards. The 185+ positive comments in support of my last spoof prove it! I bet I get 200 here, & the next video is already in the works! ENJOY!


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