Metal detecting is at an all-time popularity due to the popular television programs dedicated to detecting, social media, and aggressive marketing campaigns by Kellyco, White’s Electronics and several other firms.   And as the holiday season rolls in once again mothers, spouses, friends and family members will be planning on shopping for their favorite detectorist, or someone aspiring to join the hobby.

If that is you, then here are some tips to help you confidently purchase the right equipment for your special someone at a price within your budget.


A child’s first metal detector should be extremely easy to use.   It should facilitate learning the hobby without the potential frustration of complex features or an advanced learning curve.  At the same time, care should be taken to avoid purchasing a poor quality metal detector that is little more than a toy.  For the hobby to stick, the child needs to easily find desirable objects without becoming frustrated, else the detector is likely going to be collecting dust in a closet by March.

Stick with a well-established brand such as Garretts, Fisher or White’s.  A good entry-level detector for a child should generally cost between $150 and $200.  A Fisher F2 or Garrett ACE 150 detector are examples of fine, fairly lightweight detectors that should fit the bill nicely.

garrett ace 250

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Keep in mind that though the Garrett ACE and Fisher F series detectors are suitable for children, they are not toys.  These are serious, well-made all-around detectors that are also suitable for adults.

A person that is strongly considering getting into detecting probably already has an idea of what detector he/she wants, so ask them.  If the detector doesn’t meet your budget, consider getting a gift certificate that they can use toward buying it themselves.

If you are purchasing a detector as a surprise gift, consider your budget when selecting a detector.    Metal detector prices vary wildly, from less than $200 bucks to several thousand dollars for a “top model”.    Don’t fall into the trap of buying a high-end detector for someone with just because you can afford one.    Many high-end detectors are built for expert detectorists and can be extremely frustrating for a first time user.

The Garrett AT Pro,  at around $600,  is considered one of the best and most popular all-around metal detectors on the market.  Others in that price range include the MineLab X-Terra, White’s M6 and Fisher F5.

garrett at pro

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An experienced detectorist is always looking to upgrade their detector or add a new detector to their arsenal.  Here are a couple of extremely popular advanced level detectors that are recommended by D365 and sure to put a smile on the face of your favorite detectorist:

MineLab e-Trac
The e-Trac is renowned for its performance in heavy trash and iron.   This is a top-notch, advanced metal detector.

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Fisher F75 Special Edition
The Fisher F-75 is one of the deepest machines out there.   The Fisher F-75 is also regarded as one of the best relic hunting machines available.

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XP Deus

The all wireless XP Deus is another wildly popular machine incorporating the very latest technology.  Choose this one if you need a lightweight, top of the line machine.



Good detecting accessories are excellent gifts for detectorists that already have a good detector that they are successful with.  Here are some ideas for different price ranges:

$5-10 – GLOVES: Our favorite gloves for detecting are the Ninja series made by Memphis Gloves.


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$35-$175 – DIGGING TOOLS:  The Lesche and Lesche Sampson are metal detecting specific, specialized digging tools capable of cutting through roots and other difficult obstacles.


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$100-$150 – HEADPHONES:  Detectorists use specialized headphones.  DetectorPro is a company that specializes in headphones specifically made for metal detectors.  Their Gray Ghosts are a very popular model.

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$125 – PINPOINTER: Every detectorist needs a pinpointer, a small handheld probe for isolating a small target such as a coin in a hole that has been dug.  The Garrett ProPointer AT is one of the most popular pinpointers available on the market.


And it is waterproof!

And it is waterproof!

Final Thoughts
When in doubt, find and consult with  a serious metal detectorist and by all means, feel free to CONTACT US at Detecting365 with any questions.

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  1. whit hill at 1:45 pm

    Dear Detecting 365,
    One year ago, I asked my husband for a Garrett Pinpointer and one was waiting for me under the tree. (Go AL!) Of course I immediately went out and found myself in an a lonely and overgrown hillside where I promptly lost the pinpointer. (Yes, I have searched high and low for it — using my Fisher F 75… no dice.)

    Any advice on how to explain this to the hub and get him to buy me a new one this holiday season? I feel terrible about it. But also greedy.

    Whit Hill

    • Clark Rickman at 2:20 pm

      Another story that Garrett should hear. The propointer should be safety orange! I’ve. Lost mine countless times in grass and woods snd fields and lost valuable detecting time searching for it.

  2. whit hill at 1:48 pm

    Dear Detecting 365,
    One year ago, I asked my husband for a Garrett Pinpointer and one was waiting for me under the tree. (GO AL!) I promptly (as in Christmas Day) went to a remote and overgrown hillside and lost the pinpointer. (Yes, I searched high and low for it, with my Fisher F75, but no dice.)

    How do I get him to buy me another one? I feel terrible about it, but also greedy.
    Whit Hill
    Dirt Girl Unleashed

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