Brute Force Detecting: Forcing Finds Out of the Ground

Brute Force Detecting: Forcing Finds Out of the Ground

“Out there is a fortune waiting to be had.  You think I’ll let it go, you’re mad – you’ve got another thing coming.”   – Judas Priest

Recently I was in somewhat of a slump.  I was hunting often, hunting hard, but I had hit an unusual number of sessions and properties without finding much of anything.  I had tried different sites, areas, detectors.  I had tried my own patience.  I knew the next great site was surely just around the corner and I just had to keep hunting, but I’d had enough.  This was getting downright painful.

So one Saturday I endured a particular brutal detecting session where I found nothing.   Nothing.  I almost always manage at least one keeper on any site, no matter how hunted out.  I’ll get something deep, or in some trash, or maybe thinking outside the box.  But the two sites I hunted that Saturday had kicked my rear end directly to the curb empty-handed.

This was the final straw.   I called up a hunting buddy that is particularly hardcore and asked him if he wanted to do something really stupid – hunt twelve sites back to back, each for 45 minutes, the next day, because I had to break out of this slump I was in.   He laughed and said something like “Oh Hail Yeah. Let’s Do It.”

So I grabbed my site list and actually made up a schedule.  I started with my backup list and determined which sites we could hit early, before it was reasonably late in the morning to ask for permission.   I then put properties I thought highly likely for whatever reason would grant permission, and sprinkled in a couple of construction sites, and a few sites I’d already hunted that I thought would be worth re-hunting.

So starting at 8am the following morning, we hit most of those sites.  We ended up hitting ten of the twelve.    None of them were really good.   It started raining.  Steam and mosquitos were bad after the rain.  I looked like PigPen when we were through and was so tired I couldn’t complain.

But what we did do was grind out a find here and a find there – one or two in both yards.  I dug 18 wheat cents, two bullets, an Indian cent, silver dime, a war nickel, a really nice silver plated 1800s suspender clip, a really deep lead dog figurine, harmonica reeds,an early 1900s trolley token, and a few other finds.   My hunting buddy had similar finds, and had the monster find for the day, a rare Eagle+C Civil War Cavalry button.

Photo Aug 10, 8 19 19 AM

I call this exhausting, irrational exercise “Brute Force Detecting”.   And it worked.  I took a couple of days off, and when I returned, my slump seemed to have gone away and I resumed finding good stuff with better regularity.

You can’t go Brute Force all the time – it would kill you and make the hobby a chore.  I don’t know if I’d even recommend it at all.  But if you’ve had enough, and you want to do something different to break your pattern, and force some finds out of the ground, feel free to give it a try.  Before you do, though, make sure you are stocked up on Epsom Salts, Vicks Vapor Rub and hunting partners that are as crazy as you are!

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  1. Donnie Vaughn at 8:23 am

    That’s how baseball players get out of a hitting slump. they just keep swinging away until they hit the ball. Same thing for people like us. Keep going till you find something. Good idea to go back where you had previous success. Glad you broke your streak!!!

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