Broken Armrest? No problem! DIY Armrest For Your Detector (Instructions, Photos+)

Broken Armrest? No problem! DIY Armrest For Your Detector (Instructions, Photos+)

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Did the armrest on your detector break off? And maybe you want to fix it yourself? Then this tutorial is something for you! I will show you how to make a DIY armrest for your detector with just a bit of PVC pipe and a few tools. Let’s get started:

So i recently visited my friend who has an ACE 150, and they are known for having a weak armrest. And as with many others, his armrest broke right off through the middle. But my friend is not one of those who just gives up, he wanted to make his own stylish and functional armrest.

What you will need

This is what you will need to make your own armrest:

  • A bit of PVC pipe
  • A saw to work with the PVC pipe
  • A drill (or a screwdriver, knife etc.)
  • Sandpaper for filing sharp edges
  • Paint (optional of course)

Firstly, you will need a bit of PVC pipe. They are not expensive at all, and they sell them pretty much in every hardware store. The length of your PVC pipe is up to you to decide, but i recommend to have it around 10 centimeters. You can adjust the length with a saw.

When you have your bit of PVC pipe at a desired length, cut off a top part with the saw, so it reassembles an armrest (see photos below).

Make sure it fits your arm comfortably, like shown in the photo. Do not throw away the bit you cut off, you will need it for later. To make sure it your new armrest will be firm, you may want to use a double layer of PVC pipe if desired.

Then you will need to drill two holes in it, to put the screws through. If your screws stick up too much from your armrest, you can file them down. Make sure that the holes on the PVC bit line up with the holes on the armrest!

Now, you can either use the bit of PVC i told you not to throw away, or you can use the armrest “support” from your detector if you still have it. You will need a part to go “under” the armrest, the part that will support your detector when it is put on the ground (see photo below).

Drill matching holes in the armrest support so that you can put the screws through the upper part of your new armrest, and into the support part (see photo above). Tighten the screws with bolts.

And don’t forget to round off the sharp edges of the PVC with a sand paper, so you don’t cut yourself on it! Or if you don’t have sand paper, you can just put a piece of tape over the edges.
And as my friend did, you may want to take the armrest pad from the old armrest, and add it to your self-made armrest to make it more comfortable (as seen in photo below).

And the very last step is to eventually paint your masterpiece.

The result

As you can see in this photo, this was our result! I think that it perhaps even looks better than the original one.


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