Benefits of Metal Detecting

Benefits of Metal Detecting

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Metal Detecting is a somewhat unique hobby with many benefits. Surely we can all agree that finding great targets is one of our favorite parts of the hobby, but metal detecting also provides us with many other benefits too.


One of the golden rules of metal detecting is that you always take and dispose of your junk metal finds properly.  In doing so we are cleaning up the environment around us.

Many times we also pick up surface trash during our hunts.  Yesterday while detecting at a park and school I picked up several pieces of surface trash, a potato chip bag, plastic water bottle and a few pieces of paper and candy wrappers.

By removing and throwing away our surface trash we are also improving public perception of metal detectorists as a whole.  When others see us dispose of our trash finds and some surface trash they tend to view us as an asset to the community.  Instead of viewing you as a scavenger or weird guy they will view you as beneficial to the beauty of the park.

Not only are you cleaning up the environment, but you’re also doing your good deed for the day, and that always makes us feel better about ourselves which is just one more benefit of metal detecting.


One of the cool things about metal detecting is that almost all metals have ‘some’ value.  Many detectorists sort and save their scrap metal finds until they have a bucket full and then they take the scrap to the recycling center and sell it.  Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Lead, and even iron all have monetary value.

Certain metals are worth more than others, but it can all be recycled for money.  That money is all profit and a great benefit of metal detecting! Not to mention doing your part to help save natural resources.

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Although most detectorists aren’t in the hobby to make money, every now and then we do find things like gold rings and even relics that are worth money.  After you add up the cost of all of our equipment, gas money, permits, accessories, food, and other items it is probably safe to say that a lot of times we break even, if that, but it is possible that location or skill levels can increase the profit margins.  Being able to sell those valuable items that we find is an added benefit to our hobby when we’re lucky or good enough to find them. Even scrap metal finds can be sold for money.


Relics are one of my favorite things to find at old home sites.  They’re all historical in one way or another but from time to time detectorists do find truly historical items.  For example, Dave ‘HeavyMetalNut’ Wise has a very impressive collection of George Washington Inauguration Buttons that he has found while metal detecting.  It’s the possibility of finding historical artifacts like that, that keeps detectorists excited about the hobby.   Some have even found extremely historic Saxon gold hoards and other national treasures. Not only does the detectorist benefit from finding historical items but in many instances future generations benefit from the story that those historic finds tell.


We all find modern or ‘clad’ coins on our hunts no matter where we metal detect. Sometimes when I only have a short amount of time to detect I’ll switch up to coin shooting and dig mostly high tones in an effort to find silver coins and clad quarters.  By using that style of hunting I can maximize the number of good targets to trash ratio.

Since I can cover more area faster, I tend to find large numbers of quarters in a short amount of time. On a recent hunt in a park I dug 36 quarters total. Most detectorists don’t see a lot of value in a clad quarter, but over time they quickly add up.

The benefit to finding clad quarters is that I always have dollars to give to my 8 and 5 year old kids to tumble and add to piggy banks for a rainy day.  Another benefit to those coins is that it teaches kids how to count and manage their own money.


From time to time we find jewelry while out metal detecting and sometimes our spouses want those items that we find. Recently while detecting at a park I found an antique looking silver ring with an amethyst stone in it. My wife loves the color purple and has a birthday coming and she likes the ring, so I think it will make a great additional birthday present for her.  I had the thrill of finding it and now she can enjoy wearing it.  It’s times like that when we get the extra benefits from our finds.


No matter what type of metal you find, it can all be turned into precious metals.  Whether you save up all of your modern coins, sell a detecting find, or sell scrap metals, that money can used to buy silver coins or bars.  Digging a clad quarter isn’t that exciting by itself, but if you save them all they add up quickly and you can benefit by being able to buy more silver or gold for your own collection.

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