On Bended Knee – Detecting Scenario 10

On Bended Knee – Detecting Scenario 10

While metal detecting on a Civil War site, you are recovering artillery fragments and many other artifacts. In one of your plugs you find a neat round rock. You put it in your finds pouch and continue detecting.


Later when you get home and clean the rock up, you are surprised to learn that the ‘rock’ you found is actually a human knee cap. It’s very possible because, after all, you were detecting on a Civil War skirmish site.

You found…a…human…kneecap… What do you do?


Final Thoughts

Often the “correct answer” seems obvious, but that might not be what you would actually do in said situation. After reading the above scenario think about what you might do if you found yourself in this situation.

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  1. Mike Griffiths at 6:17 pm

    If I found the knee cap, and the site was not to far away I would take it back to where I found it and re bury it….otherwise, I would bury it in my garden….perhaps with a prayer for the owner…

  2. Tommyjay at 8:07 pm

    Id notify the police as it might not be from the civil war. If it is civil war era, at least it should be given the respect due, and handled properly through the appropriate organization(s).

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