Attracting Permission while Metal Detecting

Attracting Permission while Metal Detecting

Often, the metal detector user is approached by passerbys and people who happen to be  I look out for, and smile and wave at every and any passerby on foot or in a vehicle that happens to look my way, even if it’s just a lady walking her dog.  Funny thing is I get most of my permission from meeting people while detecting, and I almost never have to directly ask. As a result, sometimes I re-hunt certain “played out” sites just to be seen.

Often people stop and say “Have you found anything?” I will always pause and carry on friendly conversation. I’ll tell what I’ve learned about the history of the area and am most often told something I didn’t know (ie “There used to be a church in that vacant lot across the street”). I’ll also ask who owns certain property I am interested in detecting. I’ll sometimes get something like “Larry Smith owns that. Just go tell him you know Carl. He’s cool.”

Often I’ll get recommendations: “If I were you I’d hunt the old Sumtner place. That family was rolling in it.”, invitations: “You’re welcome to hunt my house. It’s one of the oldest in town.”, and introductions: “You got time now? I’ll take you over and introduce you to Old Lady Hubert!”

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It’s the oldest house in Amityville!  No one has lived there for years!
Knock Yourself Out! 

Sometimes I receive what I call “dubious permission” that I have to admit I often take the person up on. “(Heck) no one has been on that property for years. It belongs to the family estate up North. Joe Smith mows it for free just to keep it from growing up. I’m sure nobody gives a (care) if you detect it. If anyone says anything, (curse) ’em! Just tell them to talk to me.” If I feel comfortable I’ll do it. I haven’t got into any trouble yet. I’m not condoning or condemning this. This is an ethical issue I suppose. But I don’t feel I am doing wrong and am willing to do what it takes to make it right if an issue arose with a particular site. Another reason to keep a squeaky clean reputation – so the local people will come to your defense!!!

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