AT Pro Metal Detector Finds Pendants & More

AT Pro Metal Detector Finds Pendants & More

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Man, I love the 5 x 8 DD coil on my AT Pro!  It really helps me isolate these small targets like pendants and other small items mixed in among other junk targets.

While metal detecting in a field in Missouri that is occasionally used for carnivals, for like the 19th time, I realized that I had pretty much cleared the area out of high conductors, but, there were still mid and low conductors left to find, so I started digging more penny and pull tab tones and numbers.

Eventually I started finding a few trinkets here and there…

2huntsAs you can see in this picture that shows my pendant finds From Two Hunts at the carnival spot. many neat targets can ring up as pennies and pop tabs.


These finds are from two parks, on two different hunts.  

The little cross pendant up top is silver with crystals. It was laying on top of the ground, but I did find it while metal detecting!  I searched the area for the chain, but couldn’t find it… Oh well… The gold colored ‘wavy’ ring fooled me at first but turned out to be an Avon ring.  The black tungsten ring was found on a 3rd separate hunt.

Ironically, the three heart pendants were all found on the same hunt before I found the cross pendant.

The gold ‘coin’ looking thing about gave me a heart attack for a couple of seconds before I realized that it is actually an aluminum charm from an earring or something.

Maybe Next Time….

While none of these items are worth much, they’re still kind of fun to find.  You never know what’s under the dirt until ya dig it up, so don’t fall into the habit of cherry picking all of the time.

Dig some of those penny and tab tones, and you may be surprised what you find next!

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