Asking Permission – Can You Turn a No into a Yes?

Asking Permission – Can You Turn a No into a Yes?

After asking permission to do some metal detecting at a local church this past weekend and being turned down, I felt defeated and wondered what I could have done differently to get permission.

The Pastor was kind when he said, “I wouldn’t mind you metal detecting, but I’d prefer that you not dig.”

I can understand a property owner being leery of allowing a stranger to dig on their property. They have visions of holes all over the place and probably think it will look like a landmine field when we’re finished. Most detectorists take pride in filling their plugs, but property owners don’t know that. I realized that the pastor was firm in his decision so I thanked him for his time and walked back to my car.

I understood his reservations, but after I left I wished that I had been able to demonstrate my plug digging technique for him. I think that after he saw how I dig he might have been more receptive to me detecting there.

That’s when it hit me, what if I shoot a video of my plug digging and replacement technique? Maybe next time the topic comes up I can have the property owner watch a quick video of a target retrieval on my phone.

Here is a short video demonstrating how to dig a plug and retrieve a target while metal detecting. In my opinion, a video that demonstrates how you dig is much less awkward than actually digging a hole in their yard. You could make a similar video of you digging a plug to show to property owners of potential detecting sites.

Keep the video of your digging technique on your phone for easy access when asking permission to detect. Who knows, maybe you’ll get permission to detect there once they see that you aren’t leaving holes all over the place.

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Final Thoughts

So there you have it… One more tool for your metal detecting arsenal. It may not work every time, but using this technique might open a door or two for you. You never know, unless you try it!

No matter where you detect be sure to fill your plugs! Happy 4th Everyone, BEST OF LUCK ON YOUR HUNTS THIS WEEKEND!!!

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