An opposite jewelry hunting strategy

An opposite jewelry hunting strategy

By Gary Drayton An opposite jewelry hunting strategy

Metal detecting in south Florida it is tempting to get in the water every time you go to the beach during the summer months. From what I have seen on the beach web cams and driving along the beach road, I think everyone has the same idea.

It is not unusual to see a water hunter every 1/4 mile or less at popular south Florida tourist beaches.  So what does that mean? More competition, over hunted beaches, less finds, or an opportunity to find something good?

To a hardcore beach and water hunter like myself, the last part of the question applies, its a great opportunity to find something good. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that if everyone is searching inside the water, you have a really good chance of finding something good outside of the water.

My strategy for metal detecting this past weekend was simple, search the place that gave me the best chance of finding something good. I set my alarm and hit the beach in the middle of the night,  searching stretches of the beach that I assumed had been ignored by the small army of water hunters at my local beaches.

A busy beach entrance was my first search area, I chose to search around the entrance and work my way down towards the wet sand.


Mid beach using a modified CTX 3030 Beach Mode I recovered a nice heavy platinum and diamond band, I did not need to turn my flashlight on to know the heavy band in my hand was platinum.

As people sat on the lower beach to wait for the sunrise, I recovered three pieces of 10K gold jewelry in the wet sand. I also saw people entering the water with metal detectors to water hunt at first light, but I never saw another beach hunter before leaving.

This really is the point of today’s blog, setting yourself apart from other people metal detecting at the beach. What can you do differently to put what ever it is you are searching for in your finds pouch.?

At this heavily water hunted place, it was just as simple as searching for and detecting the platinum and gold jewelry that other people assumed was not on the beach. I actually went home early, I had planned to water hunt after sunrise but I did not want to make the same mistake as everyone else.

Doing the opposite to the metal detecting crowd has paid dividends to me through the years. Beach hunting outside the box has often put me in position to recover great finds.

When is the last time you did the opposite to everyone else at the beach?


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