Amateur detectorist finds Roman Pendant (+photos)

Amateur detectorist finds Roman Pendant (+photos)

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Luke Sansom, an amateur detectorist, was searching near Chester when he unearthed this relic.
The roman pendant is made out of silver, and the stone in it is a carnelian gemstone. It portrays a gladiator holding a shield against an animal that loos like a big cat. The detectorist passed on the find to the British Museum to be valued. Mr Sansom has had this hobby for about ten years, when finally found his “find of a lifetime”.

The Grosvenor Museum in Chester has said that they have a possible interest in buying the object. If so, Mr Sansom will receive half the money, while the rest will be given to the owner of the land.
This is a rare find, especially with the portraying of a soldier. It could be estimated to date back to the Roman era.


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