A Hoard Of Garrett Ace Detectors (which one to choose?)

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In 2016, Garrett presented a restyled line of detectors for beginners and professionals – Garrett ACE 200 / 200i, ACE 300 / 300i and ACE 400 / 400i. To clarify the similarities and differences between these models in order to make it easier for you, I will explain it now.

To start off, all the new detectors have a VDI in the range of 1 to 99, as well as updated rod locks for improved fixation.

The “big brother” ACE 400

The top detector here is the ACE 400 equipped with Iron Audio ™. The same function is used on more expensive detectors like the AT Pro and the AT Gold. In a nutshell, this function modifies the audio response from trash targets to better distinguish between, for example, beer cap on a coin. It appears as a clearly distinguishable specific sound signal (short crackling).
The ACE 400 operates at 10 kHz. Not bad for this class of devices! In particular, it allows you to get a good signal from objects with a mild and a moderate conductivity, including gold and lead. It also has the ability to switch between four frequencies (Frequency Adjust option). The detector is equipped with DD-coil PROformance 8.5 “x 11”. It also has five discrimination modes, pinpoint mode, sensitivity adjustment mode and an Iron Audio.
The ACE 400 comes with these accessories: protection for the coil, headphones with coiled cable and the ability to adjust the sound and a rain cover on the unit to protect it from moisture and dirt. Recommended retail price in the US in 2016 – $ 399.95.
The international version of the detector: the 400i which is designed for sales outside the US and has the same cost, customization and packaging (including the three accessories). On the 400i display they removed the American coins, the scale of discrimination was divided again, significantly increasing the iron sector.

ACE 300 vs 250

Next product in the hierarchy of new “Ace line”, the Ace 300 which has a mono coil which is slightly smaller – 7 “x 10”. However, this coil is better than the one on Ace 250. The frequency is also increased from 6.5 kHz on Ace 250 to 8 kHz new ACE 300. Finally, the iron segment increased. The rest of the ACE 300 is more or less the same like its “older brother”– it has the VDI, new locks on the bar, headphones, coil protection and cover. Following the same logic, Garrett rolled out to the ACE 300i for the international market. MSRP in the US for the ACE 300 – $ 299.95.

ACE 200

One of the simplest Garrett detectors. It really is beautiful in its simplicity – three buttons, three search modes. However, like all new Ace detectors, this one has a VDI and new locks on the bar, as well as an international version, the ACE 200i. The frequency on this one is 6.5 kHz, and the coil is smaller too- 6,5″ x 9″. The price in the US is $ 199.95.
The choice is yours, diggers! 😉

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