Metal Detectorist: Where is your fire?

Metal Detectorist: Where is your fire?

“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Voltaire, or maybe Spiderman

You average citizen doesn’t have the desire, equipment or skill to save relics.   As metal detectorists, we do.  Sure the reasons we do it varies.  Some collect our finds, some donate some of our finds, some sell them to collectors as a source of income – all respectable endeavors, and all result in the rescue and protection of relics that otherwise would have been lost to decay in ground or destruction due to land development.

Construction projects generally have a limited window before dirt is hauled off, or relics are paid over.

Sometimes property is about to be vacated by older people, or sold off to developers.  Often after the sale, permission becomes more difficult or impossible.

Sometimes we are offered permission to hunt a site by a friend, family or co-worker, but fail to get around to it.  Maybe the site didn’t look that great.  Maybe we are focused elsewhere.    Keep in mind that such instances almost always have a finite window.

Remember that if you don’t get off the couch and get out there, relics are lost.    So we ask again – where is your fire?


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