8 Creative Uses for Copper Pennies

8 Creative Uses for Copper Pennies

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Pennies are one of the most common coins found in circulation. You can find pennies just about anywhere, in parking lots, under the couch cushions, under your car seat, in your desk drawer and just just about anywhere else that you can think of. Ask any metal detectorist and he will probably agree that pennies are one of his most common finds.

It seems like no matter where you metal detect, you are sure to come home with a few pennies in your pouch. But, what do you do with all of those dirty pennies you find?

You could tumble the pennies and roll them up when you have enough to cash in, but by themselves, pennies aren’t worth much and for many of us, pennies are a nuisance to dig in our search for lost treasure.

Maybe not anymore though!

Check out these 8 creative ways that you can use your found pennies to create stunning pieces of art out of every day objects and spaces.



Turn a boring floor into a spectacular floor easily by adding your own artistic touch.


Here is a cool example of a floor with a penny Compass design.

Table Topscoffeetablepennies

Table tops of all types can be finished with pennies.


The sky is the limit as far as the number of designs that can be incorporated.

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