7 Useful Metal Detecting Research Links

7 Useful Metal Detecting Research Links

In order to be successful in the hobby of metal detecting, one has to become proficient in the area of Research.

When I first started detecting I had moderate luck, but it wasn’t until I learned how to do research that my finds started getting better and better. When you learn better research techniques, not only will you find better places to detect but you will also learn how to identify some of those artifacts that you find.

Here are a few links to help you become a better researcher. The more you know, the more you grow as a detectorist.

  • Have you found a coin with a square hole in the middle with asian writing on it? Quite possibly it is a Chinese coin. To find out visit this page to help identify those Chinese cash coins.

  • Do you think that you might have found a meteorite? If so check out this Guide to identifying meteorites.

  • Civil War bullets are fun to find and you can correctly identify yours by using this Database for determining ID of Civil War Bullets.

  • Tokens are a regular find of detectorists. Have you found a token and you’re not sure what it is? Check out Token Catalog.

  • Have you found a button that you think may be British? If so check out these British button makers and their backmarks.

  • One common metal detecting find is shotshell headstamps. Identify your brass headstamp here.

  • Need another site to identify your shotgun headstamps? This site is chocked full of interesting shotshell history.

  • Final Thoughts

    To become a better metal detectorist you have to become a better researcher. We hope that these 7 Useful Metal Detecting Research Links help you on your quest of finding treasure!

    Happy Hunting out there Ladies & Gents!

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