4 Unconventional Target Rich Areas You Should Metal Detect

4 Unconventional Target Rich Areas You Should Metal Detect

As metal detectorists we all tend to detect the usual spots that everyone thinks of, but did you know that there are a few other not so conventional areas that can produce some amazing finds?

As I was detecting a field yesterday I got the idea to share with you a few of the spots that have produced good finds for me in the past that you may or may not have thought of:

Gravel Parking Lots:

Coins, jewelry and other items can be found by metal detecting gravel parking lots.  The targets can’t sink very far, and you can usually recover targets very quickly in gravel.  I have had great luck finding dropped coins and necklace pendants in gravel parking lots. They remain shallow and recovery doesn’t require a lot of digging, which means that you can cover more area, faster.  And, most people don’t metal detect gravel lots, so you have a better chance at finding some goodies!

Edges of Parking Lots, or parking lot “islands”

Grass areas around parking lots, or the islands in parking lots can be great places to find dropped items. Many times when people are reaching into their pockets for their car keys they end up dropping items.  Coins or rings falling onto grass may not even make a sound which contributes to these areas being target rich environments.

Cracks in Sidewalks

Cracks in sidewalks and parking lots can trap dropped coins. Usually the coins are on their sides, so a good way to recover those coins is to use a screwdriver that has the corners rounded off, and some even put electrical tape over the end of the screwdriver in an effort to avoid scratching the coins.

Dirt Roads

Dirt Roads and paths have been used by man since the beginning of time, and are often overlooked by metal detectorists.  Not only that, but those roads or paths weren’t always there, so some of those roads and paths may cut through and over past properties that had activity.  You never know, they may end up being the road to treasure!

Final Thought:

As detectorists we have to be ever evolving in our quests for treasures. Thinking outside of the box can be the difference in getting skunked and going home with a cool find or two. The feature image of this article was found on an old road bed that I was walking down. It is a pocket knife that was given away by a local shoe shop when someone bought a pair of shoes. It’s from the 1930’s. A find I would have missed if I hadn’t detected that dirt road.

hope that you found these tips helpful and wish you the best on your next hunt!


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