Four Productive Areas to Find Coins

Four Productive Areas to Find Coins

I’m a coin shooter, in other words a metal detectorist that mainly searches for coins.  Silver coins are what I’m after mostly but I will dig modern coins as well.  

Over the years I have noticed a pattern of the places where I find the most coins with my metal detector. These spots have historically produced fairly high numbers of coins during my hunts.

Walking Paths in Parks

Sidewalks or walking paths in parks are great places to find coins.  I like to turn my body parallel to the sidewalk and scan one side and then the other.  I don’t know if they hit the pavement and then roll off the sides before people can find them or what but sidewalks in parks tend to be one of the best places to find Quarters. If I’m not finding many coins in other areas I will detect around some walking paths and more often than not come up with several coins.

Large Trees / Groups of Shade Trees

No matter where they are, Large Trees are great places to find both old and modern coins.  In parks, in fields, in the woods, in picnic areas or old home sites, those large trees often have coins under them.

Jewelry and other items can also be found around old trees.  I was getting skunked on a recent hunt and decided to try my luck under a large tree.  My theory was that maybe back when someone had sat under that tree and lost a silver coin.  

Within three minutes I got a nice quarter signal that turned out to be a silver 1961 Washington quarter. That large tree had shaded it for who knows how long before giving it up.  I have also found rings and jewelry under big old trees.  You’ve heard me say it before, but it’s worth mentioning again, People in the past and present tend to sit under large shade trees so be sure to give them a scan with your metal detector.

Concession Stands

Whether they are still in use, or once were, concession stands can be one of the highest coin producing spots around. Money is exchanged many times per game at concession stands,  so if you have a local ball field that does or did have concession stands there, be sure to hit those areas with your metal detector.

Likewise, road side vegetable stands can be an excellent spot to find a few coins.  I recently detected where an old store – concession stand once was and had my best silver coins hunt ever where I found five silver coins.  The next hunt there was just as good and I ended up finding four more silver coins there.  The third hunt at the concession stand I also found a silver ring!  I pulled close to 100 coins out of there in three hunts, 10 of which were silver and many were wheat pennies.  It stands to reason, people spent money at the concession stand and lost some along the way too!

Park Swimming Pools

Old parks with swimming pools are excellent places to find coins.  Swimmers sit in the grassy areas around the pool and lose coins and other items often. One of my best coin hauls ever was a total of 77 coins found around an old swimming pool.  Of those coins, 16 were quarters and 40 were dimes. All were found at six inches deep or less so just about any metal detector could have found those coins.  


No matter what type of metal detectorist you are, an occasional coin shooting hunt can be both fun and educational. Spending a few hours sharpening your coin hunting skills can prepare you for those hunts in trashy areas where finding coins is difficult.  Your ears will be trained to listen for those coin tones mixed in with the junk tones. Not to mention that all coins are spendable money and who doesn’t like finding money? 


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