37 Kilo Intact Oriented Meteorite – Find Submission

37 Kilo Intact Oriented Meteorite – Find Submission

This Weeks Find Submission is from: W.M. Lowrance:

37 Kilo Intact Oriented Meteorite – Find Submission

I have treasure hunting friends/ associates, in the area of Nasca, Peru. About a year ago I received a photo from this group which was a photo of a strange rock they found.

While looking for treasure/gold, they came across a large “hole” in the side of a mountain they were exploring, which they dug out, finding in the bottom an abnormally heavy and bizarre looking black rock.

Because of its excessive weight, they assumed that it contained gold and cut an end off for analysis which proved negative. Disappointed, especially after so much physical effort…they used it as a door stop until I later purchased it.


The totality of the evidence shown by this rock, however improbable, seems consistent with that of a meteorite. The evidence is so compelling that I sent a sample to a lab in Canada for compositional and chemical analysis, the results are due this month.

Can you please refer me to someone who can properly interpret the resulting data from this analysis?

I would really your input on this.

Thanks and Regards,
WM Lowrance


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