1960s Bill Mahan D-Tex BHO Professional Metal Detector

1960s Bill Mahan D-Tex BHO Professional Metal Detector

This very rarely seen metal detector, in classic Red and Gold, was made by Bill Mahan of Garland, TX.  Used single nine Volt Battery and a C cell for the meter light.  Probably shipped with a large and small coil, and broke down for easy storage.

The innovative needle on this D-Tex idled on center and went right for non-ferrous targets and left for ferrous targets.

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      • Corey at 1:07 am

        I have one of them d tex gold with a small seems to be 4 inch and a 12 inch and a maybe 100ft or so long under water hook up that I found in my grandpa house after he has passed away but it takes 2 9v batt and 1 c batt..is this something that would make it even more rare?plus I wouldn’t mind taking offers

        • Rob Williams at 8:27 am

          Hi Corey! The sentimental value of your gpas stuff would probably outweigh the price your detector would command. You might try posting it for sale of a couple forums, and see what kind of offers come your way. We’d love to see a picture of it though! Thanks for the comment, we appreciate you!

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