100 FINDS IN 100 DAYS: #77: Lead Toy Howitzer

100 FINDS IN 100 DAYS: #77: Lead Toy Howitzer

Note:   In this series, we have selected 100 metal detecting finds that were extremely difficult to detect and recover, and provide details on the circumstances and techniques that contributed to their successful recovery.

KEEPER:  A lead toy Howitzer  WW1 or WW2 era.  I love finding these old lead toys.

SITE:  Construction Site

SITE EVALUATION: 8 of 10  For some reason construction is slow here.  I’ve been several time and the locals have hunted it hard, yet I always manage to find something.

PERMISSION:   Equipment operator


Late to Construction Can be Good:    No site is hunted out.  As trash and iron are removed by other detectorists, sometimes the path is cleared for you to score!

What Has Changed:   Watch for new areas that have been cleared or further graded and hit those.   Relics can be lurking where any obstacle has been removed, or new earth has been exposed.


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