100 FINDS IN 100 DAYS: #76 Civil War Enfield Rifle Tompion

100 FINDS IN 100 DAYS: #76 Civil War Enfield Rifle Tompion

Note:   In this series, we have selected 100 metal detecting finds that were extremely difficult to detect and recover, and provide details on the circumstances and techniques that contributed to their successful recovery.

KEEPER:  A tompion for an imported Enfield army widely used by the Confederate Army.  Would have had a bar and a cork to plug the barrel to keep moisture out.  Missing the bar that held the cork.

SITE:  Trashy yard

SITE EVALUATION: 7 of 10  One of those yards that is just in the right area!

PERMISSION:   Nice guy wearing pajamas.


Don’t Throw Anything Away:  It was several days later after I found it before I was cleaning my trash out of my pouch.  I thought this was some type of pipe or refrigerator brass fitting.  I throw for sure trash away, and put all the whatsits into a footlocker full of that type of stuff.   Upon close examination, I knew I had seen it somewhere, but having never dug one, I had pictured a tompion as being much bigger.  A quick lookup online confirmed a perfect match and I was excited to have another first and a great CW relic!

Slow and Low:  Lots of iron and deep targets in this site, so I crept along, listening to everything.  This one was right in a particularly junky spot and I would have missed it had I been detecting as normal.


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