100 FINDS IN 100 DAYS: #48 M1902 US Cavalry Bridle Rosette

100 FINDS IN 100 DAYS: #48 M1902 US Cavalry Bridle Rosette

In this series, we have selected 100 metal detecting finds that were extremely difficult to detect and recover, and provide details on the circumstances and techniques that contributed to their successful recovery.

KEEPER:  This is a 1902 Model US Bridle Rosette, the type that was used through WWI.   Wish this one could talk.

SITE:  Pasture on my family’s land in Mississippi

SITE EVALUATION: 7 of 10  Nothing like finding cool stuff on your own family land!

PERMISSION:  Not necessary!


Old Roads: If you know what to look for, you can find old roads, which are usually continuous depressions through fields or woods.  They can be more difficult to spot where land has been plowed and cultivated over the years.   You can trace them from nearby woods or logical crossing of creeks or other water.   Roads often traverse ridges or other high parts of pastures so that they were easiest to traverse in the mud.   Or you can follow the relics and trash that were lost on the old road through the field.

This Rosette was found on an old abandoned road that was the continuance of a current day dead end road.  The road fell out of use in the early 1900s as the logging industry died down in the area.


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  1. Brian Walsh aka First Capital Digger. at 3:58 pm

    Great Find!!!! I have found this exact style of Bridle Rossette, in my backyard, it was one of the first things I found when I first started detecting 4 years ago. I was using my sons Bounty Hunter Gold Digger. I am lucky enough to live in a town that was chosen to have one of the training camps for WW1. Camp Sherman.

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