100 FINDS IN 100 DAYS: #31  Enfield Bullet with Wood Plug in Base

100 FINDS IN 100 DAYS: #31 Enfield Bullet with Wood Plug in Base

In this series, we have selected 100 metal detecting finds that were extremely difficult to detect and recover, and provide details on the circumstances and techniques that contributed to their successful recovery.

KEEPER:  This Enfield bullet still has the boxwood plug in the base.    I’ve heard of these being found, but it is relatively rare that the plug didn’t erode away or shrink and fall out over the years.

SITE:  Yard in a Confederate Camp

SITE EVALUATION: 8 of 10  Hunted hard in past, but full of Civil War relics.

PERMISSION:  Very nice lady that has travelled the world extensively.


Law of Probability:  The interesting thing I find is that if you hunt really good places, you find a chance of finding extremely rare things.  The relics don’t know whether or not they are rare, and they “are where they are”.   You can just throw statistics out the window in these instances and anything is liable to pop out of the ground.

Fast Motion Depth Thing:  When I’m not finding anything, I like to vary swing width, sensitivity, ground balance numbers, channels and other things.  In this instance I was using a really fast swing speed, which oddly seems to get a little extra depth on the Fisher F75 sometimes.   I could hit this deep bullet solidly with a fast swing, but could hardly get a hint of it with a regular swing.


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