Ten Killer Detecting Facebook Groups

Ten Killer Detecting Facebook Groups

Facebook is today’s scene for metal detecting discussion and sharing of finds photos.  Easy to use on mobile devices, and you can receive push updates through your phone.  Here are some of my favorite Facebook groups.  Apologies if I missed some as I could not list them all.   If you have a favorite, please feel free to add it to the comments section at the bottom of the article.

1) Metal Detecting for Beginners

This is a great group devoted to people just getting started.   Everyone is very patience and there is no such thing as a dumb question.

Click Here to See Metal Detecting for Beginners on Facebook.

2) Dirt Scanner’s Metal Detecting

This one is run by renowned beach hunter and all around great guy, Roger Barbrick.  A very cool group of people.   Definitely worth joining.

Click here to see Dirt Scanner’s on Facebook.

3) Tri-Star Metal Detecting

To avoid getting lost in the crowd and a ton of posts, a smaller local group may be for you.   The other cool thing about a local group is that you can meet the members face to face and actually detect with them.  To find a local group, just ask other detectorists friends in your area.  They will help you find the perfect group.  If it doesn’t exist, start one!

Tri-Star, comprised mostly of members in Tennessee and Alabama, is my group of choice.  Jonathan, the group owner, is very cool, and the group has a cast of characters that are serious detectorists, and fun to interact with.

Click here for Tri-Star on Facebook

4) WTF is This?

This risque-named group is an excellent place to post your unknown finds for identification.  Over 4000 members that love to assist with identification of just about anything you can dig up.

Click here for WTF on Facebook

5) Metal Detecting U.S. Only

A very large group at over 7000 members at time of this article.     Sponsored by KellyCo and others.

Click Here for US Only on Facebook

6) The Detecting Lifestyle

Seriously cool laid back group with a lot of members.   A must join.

Click Here for Detecting Lifestyle on Facebook

7) Vance Metal Detecting

Popular group run by a detecting dealer.   All kinds of posts, including buy/sale/trade.

Click here for Vance on Facebook

8) Detecting in England

Metal detecting is very popular in England, and this may be the best group devoted to detecting there.  Must be nice to detect 1000’s of years of metal history.

Click here for Detecting in England

9) Dig This!

This is a fun group that has contests and prizes from time to time.

Click here for Dig This

10) Permission to Detect

This is an innovative group dedicated solely to detecting permission.  Lots of inspiration from people that get permission, and lots of real time help available here to take your permission skills to a whole ‘notha level.

Click here for Permission to Detect.





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