13 MORE Horrible Types of Detectorists

It never surprises me how unsportsmanlike and petty certain detectorists can be.    Everyone knows someone that fits these bills, and are not exactly ambassadors for the hobby.   Don’t be “that guy”!


This infantile detectorist buries a specific trash item or worthless coins on construction and other publicly accessible sites either as a calling card to brag to other detectorists that he or she has been there first, or as an attempt to sabotage attempts by others to save historical artifacts.   The funny thing about this is he is spending time and mental energy thinking about this.  His mind and heart are not in the right place, and his or her poor, arrogant attitude perpetually costs him finds.


You hunt all day and find something that you are extremely excited about.   The history!  You’ve never found one before!   But never fear, this good Samaritan is lightning quick to point out its low dollar value, condition, and the fact that you scratched it with your digger.  His “like” is always missing on your facebook posts with your finds, but his lousy comments are not.


This fifth grade-level personality is insanely jealous of detectorists that detect for the right reasons.      Perhaps because of his or her own greed or overly competitive nature, he simply cannot fathom that someone successfully detects for the love of history or the hobby.   His finds are sparse because he spends all of his time worried about what other detectorists are doing, and he can’t stand seeing someone regularly posting their finds.    He finally loses his mind, unfriends and/or blocks them on Facebook so he won’t have to see their finds, and usually presents himself to others as the victim, justifying his actions with all types of fantastic claims about how the person he blocked stole his sites or territory, or otherwise acted unethically.


Insane with greed, this person believes he or she should be the only person detecting.  Nothing wrong with protecting hard gotten research and permission, but this type of detectorist “collects” obvious sites with easy-to-get permission such as construction sites, and often never hunts them at all.   And if so, even after he is done with a site, he will harass others that even attempt to save relics on “his” site.  He would rather see relics paved over then found by anyone but him.  He’s always patrolling, always vigilant, will call the cops on other detectorists, and sees himself as some type of vigilante hero.


This dandelion loves to gossip and run-down hard-working, successful detectorists.   Sometimes, to feel good about himself, he won’t mention them by name, but will drop as many subtle clues as it takes to get his poor listeners to understand who he is talking about.   His justification will be all types of unrealistic, irrational claims:  those detectorists stole his sites, post fake finds, or after doing this for quite some time, inevitably he predictably becomes a running joke.   The easy way to spot a back-talker is that, for insurance, they will have MULTIPLE issues with each person they are targeting,  and when one or more of their lies is successfully disputed, they always have another one handy to take its place.


This person will get in a conflict with another detectorist, and then contact that detectorists hunting partners and run their newly-made enemy down, usually via Facebook instant messenger, in an attempt to cause the detectorist he is angry at to lose their hunting partners.  He or she will say he is doing you a favor, and offer you a chance to not be his enemy’s next victim.    And if you don’t abandon your hunting partner, you will become his enemy, and he will begin to villainize you to others.


This detectorist finally backs himself into a hole in any group or club he is a member of, unless it is large enough that his rhetoric gets lost in the mix.  When enough other members stop drinking his Kool-Aid, he acts butt-hurt and victimized and tearfully quits, flinging a desperate tantrum/rant email or message to the leader of the club or group poorly stating his case, of course with no evidence because even though he might justify and believe himself in his own mind, his issues usually simply aren’t true.


This detectorist occasionally seeds sites with great finds for his hunting partner to find.   Different people might feel different ways about that, but I’d hate to dig a gold coin that wasn’t really lost where I found it, for example.


This detectorists invites other to hunt his sites (after he has hunted of course), for the sole purpose of manipulating them.   He or she then expects his victims to believe anything he says, no matter how outlandish, and for his rear end to be kissed endlessly regardless of his behavior.  And if any of his invitees “cross” him,  he crucifies them with a vengeance.


This type of detectorist will invite you to an amazing spot to detect! After an all day hunt together where you are having one of your best hunts ever, you quickly realize that he’s not happy about your finds!  Actually, he getting jealous!  You don’t realize just how jealous he is, until 4 months later, and you still haven’t gotten an invite back!


This type of detectorist will use ANY tool to dig with. A pry bar, pick axe, or tire iron are all acceptable. He doesn’t care! As long as “the mole” can dig a hole, that’s good enough for him. His motto is “If the moles can leave holes, so can I.” As far as he is concerned, the metal detecting code of ethics is for goodie two-shoes losers. Just like a mole, he is oblivious and blind to the destruction he leaves behind for others to see. These guys are the vermin of the hobby and no one wants to detect with them, yet they wonder why.


This type of detectorist throws all of their junk back in the hole! In their minds it is better than having to carry all of that heavy stuff around.  They figure those targets have been in the ground for years anyway, what does it matter now?  These guys don’t even realize that by putting the trash back in the hole, they are limiting their future good finds at that spot!  The more time they spend re-digging the junk, the less epic finds they will make. Not only that, but it is just bad metal detecting etiquette because other detectorists have to dig their junk too!  Don’t be a depositor!

 13) The BAD APPLE

This type of detectorist will metal detect ANYWHERE with or without permission!  Not only that, he will encourage others to break laws or rules stating that the code of ethics is for sissies!  This guy makes it his goal to tell every new person on the forums that they don’t have to ask permission to metal detect anywhere because to do so invites a “NO” answer.  This is the type of detectorist that gives us ALL A BAD NAME with his antics because he publicly tells others to do things that go entirely against the metal detecting code of ethics.  This type of detectorist can’t even spell the word ethics, so why would we expect him to be ethical?   Don’t be “that guy” that gives the rest of us a bad reputation!

In all of these cases, the detectorist is oblivious to he himself being one of the types of horrible detectorists, he simply thinks we’re talking about “someone else.” But, could you be one of the above and not realize it?  If nothing else, this article gives us all a chance to pause and make changes if needed!

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    • Rob Williams at 2:49 pm

      Thanks, we all know a few of those types probably…lol I think that everyone will eventually realize that we’re each meant to find whatever we find. Like Clark’s article A Relic with your Name on it states, you’re meant to find what you find and I’m meant to find what I find, so no need to be territorial or competitive about it, yknow? There are enough goodies to be found for everyone! lol

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